$100,000 boost to Mt Prospect Tennis Court Upgrade

The Mt Prospect District Tennis Association received a $100,000 funding boost to upgrade sporting facilities thanks to the Victorian Coalition Government. The upgrade will replace four existing plexipave hard courts with a rebound ace acrylic surface. The announcement was made at the Association's complex on Thursday the 19th of December, by Member for Western Victoria, Simon Ramsay. Mr Ramsay congratulated the Association and Hepburn Council for securing the funding to help encourage more people to get more active.


"This is a great outcome for the Mt Prospect Tennis Association which boasts more than 550 members," Mr Ramsay said. "Currently, the four plexipave courts are the only public use courts in Creswick. Without the upgrade, the town faces losing a valuable public asset that has been pivotal to encouraging engagement in sport for many years." 


The Association hopes to have the court upgrade complete in time for the 2015 January Victorian Inter-regional country championships, which are expected to attract approximately 275 participants, and 1000 visitors to the wider Creswick region. "Creswick has a rich tennis history, and this funding will do much to support its long-term and vibrant future," Mr Ramsay said. 


Association President David Hay was proud of the work done by the committee in obtaining the funding. "This is the reward fo 3-4 years of lobbying, and we would like to thank the Hepburn Shire Council, Tennis Victoria, Tennis Australia, our local clubs along with everyone who assisted in achieving this outcome," he said. "This funding, combined with money raised by the Association and a potential contribution from Tennis Australia via the court rebate scheme, will enable the Association to reconstruct the 4 hardcourts, resulting in 16 high quality grass courts and 13 high quality hard courts."


Works are expected to commence in October 2014, weather permitting, with the Association hopeful of completing the project before the 2015 Victorian Inter-regional country championships.



AGM minutes are available upon email to the Association Secretary - Please note the next AGM of the Association is scheduled for Wednesday 19th August at 7:30pm at the Club Rooms at Park Lake. 


  • Over the winter, the Association has been busy improving the facilties at the Complex. This improvements include:
    • Cleaning of the top hard courts
    • Painting the inside of the Club Rooms, including main area, hall ways, canteen and kitchen
    • Moving the bollards behind courts 3-8 back 2 metres to provide an increase in grass area
  • The improvements wouldn't be possible without club support and we appreciate the efforts of everyone invovled as we strive to provide the best facilities possible.