The Mt Prospect District Tennis Association offers either an individual or family membership. An individual membership costs $50 with a family membership (4 or more people) costing $150. This memberships entitles an individual access to the Association's competitions, as well as ensuring that indivudals are insured. See below links to membership form and who to return it to. 


Association Membership Form

Club Team Entry Form


Junior Contact                                                    Midweek Ladies Contact

Natalie McGuinness - Junior Director                                           Naomi Mizzeni - Midweek Ladies Director
Phone: 0400 299 882                                                                  Phone: 0428 488 756
Email:                                                 Email:


Senior Contact                                                   Twilight Contact

Peter Bertoncini - Senior Director                                                        Michael Kennedy - Twilight Director                            
Phone: 0468 534 105                                                                  Phone: 0419 536 048
Email:                                                 Email: