New life member announced

Last Wednesday evening at the Ballarat Scrap Metal & Recyclers Twilight Grand Final, Sonya James was awarded a Life Membership to the Association.

Sonya has been involved with the Association for the last 16 years. Throughout this time, Sonya has looked after the Bar, was cleaner of the Clubrooms for a number of years, catered for many one off functions, and was often the point of call to be able to be at the clubrooms when needed.

However despite all of these things, arguably Sonya’s largest contribution has been to the Twilight Corporate Cup where she has played a massive part (Sonya has been involved since the beginning, which is nearly 14 years ago) in making Twilight the success it has been. This success has largely been built off the social side of the Twilight competition, of which Sonya has played a huge part.

Sonya also assisted in catering for one off days with Road Con and Porter Plant, both of whom have been Major Sponsors of the Twilight Competition. No doubt these days would have assisted heavily in ensuring that these sponsors continued to support the Association.

Whilst the above doesn’t fully comprehend the contribution that Sonya has made across the last 16 years, it does provide a snapshot which is more than impressive. I am sure you will all agree that this is a well-deserved recognition for the large contribution that Sonya has made to the Association - Well done Sonya!